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Bed bugs are a source of stress and worry for every homeowner and office owner. They only feed on blood. Bed bugs are small, oval-shaped, brown colour insects. These insects’ actual size is equal to the size of an apple seed, but after feeding, their body swells. They do not have the capability to fly, but they move very quickly from one place to another on floors, walls, and ceilings. Bed bugs can easily enter your residential premises through clothing, luggage, used beds and couches. Their body shape allows them to fit in any small place. Bed bugs do not make nests, but they tend to live in groups in hiding places.

They bite individuals when they are sleeping as bed bugs remain active during the night. Bed bugs pierce the skin of their host and withdraw blood. If you are also experiencing the bed bug bite during the night, you should take professional service to control such pesky pests. The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh is here to offer you the best bed bug removal service under your budget. All our professionals are skilled and experienced. Our experts use chemical-free heat treatments to eliminate the dangerous insects in your home. To know more about our services you can give us a call on +919780900903. We also provide free quotes for our services.

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Signs of Bed Bug Infestation

There are several ways by which you can get the idea that bed bugs are living with you. The most common is having itchiness on the body after waking up, and that was not before you went to sleep. Along with this, there are some other signs too. If you notice blood stains on your sheets or pillowcases, then it is an indication that bed bugs are present. You will see faecal spots, eggshells, or shed skins at hiding places of the bed bugs. The bugs’ scent glands secret some offensive and musty odour that indicates bed bug infestation. You will also see live bed bugs that are similar to the size of an apple seed. Certain types of stains appear on porous surfaces(black or brown stains) and black or brown mounds on nonporous surfaces. The only way to get rid of these pesky pests is to call professional exterminators and follow effective preventive measures.

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Bed Bug Control Process

To effectively control bed bugs, we follow effective methods. We complete our bed bug control and removal service in three steps.

Inspection- Professionals of The Proactive Pest Control are skilled in terminating the bed bugs from your residential and commercial places. Our experts thoroughly inspect the infected area. We use the latest techniques and tools to detect the presence of bed bugs in your surroundings.

Treatment- Proper treatment is applied to the infected areas to eliminate the bed bugs. After doing a complete inspection of the infected area, our professionals prepare the report that which chemical or method will be best suitable for eliminating the bed bugs. Our professionals consider all factors such as the size of the property and level of infestation when delivering the service.

Follow up- Our professionals will stay in contact with you after giving the initial treatment and take the follow up to provide additional support on the requirement.

We do a complete removal of bed bugs by using eco-friendly chemicals. Our professionals deliver customized processes so that clients can get the best assistance and satisfaction. The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh offers same-day bed bug removal service throughout Zirakpur, Chandigarh, Mohali and nearby cities.

Bed Bug Control Process


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The Proactive Pest Control is the premier service provider in the field of pest control. We provide highly effective pest control services such as termite control, mosquito control, ant control, silverfish control, rat control, bed bug control, etc. We provide fast and efficient pest control Chandigarh services. Our professionals offer pest control services professionally at a very reasonable cost. The Proactive Pest Control delivers the most effective solution for particular circumstances. We cover all corners of Chandigarh and Punjab. You can check out some of the areas where you can avail of our services.


What Should All be Inspected for Bed Bugs?

There are some favourite places for bed bugs where you should inspect for bed bugs. Some of the common places are:

  • You should check the bed frame, bed head and bedside furniture.
  • Junction boxes, wiring casings type of electrical connection are also used by bed bugs for hiding.
  • Bed bugs hide in baseboard crevices, closets, wood panelling.
  • Check vertical blinds, curtains and curtain rods, books of your home to eliminate bed bugs.
  • You should check wall hangings, picture frames, wall mirrors, under ceiling mouldings and light fittings.
  • Your telephones and audiovisual equipment, skirting boards, join in floorboards can be hiding spots for bed bugs.
  • underneath carpet edges, underneath carpet edges
  • Inspect every furniture in your home correctly to remove bed bugs.
  • The drawers of tables and cupboards behind switch plates should be inspected for bed bugs.

What Set Us Apart From Others?

The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh has well skilled and experienced professionals that deliver the best bed bug control services. We use eco-safe chemicals to control bed bugs so that no damage can be done to the environment. Our bed bugs control specialists also take care of your kids and pets while delivering the service. You will enjoy our bed bug removal services at the most reasonable price. We cover all sectors of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Zirakpur. Our highly trained professionals deliver the best service that will effectively control bed bugs from your surrounding. With years of experience, we have got the best knowledge to handle the situation. We also provide effective tips to prevent the infestation of bed bugs in places. To know more about our service or to book our professionals, you can give us a call at +919780900903.

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