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The presence of silverfish in residential places is very annoying. Whether you reside in Zirakpur, Mohali, or any part of the world, you must have faced a silverfish infestation problem. Silverfish are small pests that are ½ inch in length and wingless. The appearance of the silverfish is similar to the small fish; that’s why it got this name. Silverfish are found in dark environments and near showers, baths, sinks, etc., where the amount of cellulose is high. They can cause serious damage to your valuable books, plaster, painting, photographs, and other household items. Also, they have the capability to live for a long duration without having food that makes it difficult to control them. If you remove the silverfish’s favourable condition, they will not be able to survive for a long time.

Did you also notice some silvery insects in your book or at any dark place? Don’t worry. The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh is here. We provide reliable and budget-friendly silverfish control service for residential and commercial places. The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh has the dedicated pool of experts that delivers the best silverfish control service under your pocket. According to the situation, we deliver the customized service. You can give us a call on +919780900903 to know more about our services.

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How to Identify the Silverfish Infestation?

If silverfish are residing in your home, then you must see some of these points. Here we are describing some points that will help you in identifying the silverfish infestation. It is common that you can see the silverfish if they are there at your home. You will see the live silverfish in your home to such places that are more prone to them. Silverfish shed their skin during their life cycle. The silverfish’s outer shell is small and delicate; thus, you can notice their presence with the shedded skin. During moulting, the silverfish leaves yellow stains on the surfaces. You can also see the yellow stains in the book or other places that are affected by the silverfish. It is the most common and easy way to understand that silverfish are residing in your home.

They mostly eat products that are rich in carbohydrates, such as book bindings, adhesives, sugars, starches, and linens. If you notice different objects with several holes, then you must understand that silverfish are there, and you have to take some important steps to stop them. Most of the individuals can identify the silverfish as their droppings are fairly unique. The droppings of silverfish look like small, black peppercorns. You will find dropping in mostly those places where they frequently live, such as basements, kitchens, garages, and storage areas.

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What Damages are Caused By Silverfish?

The invasion of silverfish sometimes causes serious damage. The problem is caused to the property and people’s health. They do not directly cause any disease to the individual, but they trigger some individuals’ allergic reactions. The presence of silverfish in your home attracts other pests like carpet beetles that give the strange appearance. The damage to personal items is common. You will notice large holes in clothing, upholstery, or paper. Your favourite book can also be damaged by silverfish. A normal silverfish can live for about 12 months without meals, which makes it hard to locate and control them.

The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh effectively deals with the silverfish. We thoroughly inspect the whole area and deliver the best treatments. Our professionals make use of the spray, bait and other products to eliminate the silverfish. By developing the robust plan, we control silverfish from infected places. The Proactive Pest Control silverfish terminators also provide effective tips to control the silverfish.


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The Proactive Pest Control is the premier service provider in the field of pest control. We provide highly effective pest control services such as termite control, mosquito control, ant control, silverfish control, rat control, bed bug control, etc. We provide fast and efficient pest control Chandigarh services. Our professionals offer pest control services professionally at a very reasonable cost. The Proactive Pest Control delivers the most effective solution for particular circumstances. We cover all corners of Chandigarh and Punjab. You can check out some of the areas where you can avail of our services.


Simple Tips for Controlling the Infestation of the Silverfish

  • You should keep the most silverfish prone places dry.
  • Do not keep food material in an open box. 
  • Cover up all holes, crevices and cracks if you find them in your home.
  • Do the proper dusting of your home on a regular interval. 
  • If you live in a moist area, then you can make use of the dehumidifier to eliminate the humidity of your room. 
  • Try to remove the objects to which silverfish are attracted, such as cardboard boxes, stacks of paper and laundry.
  • You can keep Naphthalene balls within the kitchen sinks, wardrobe, etc, to prevent the invasion of silverfish.
  • Store all important papers securely so that silverfish do not infect them. 
  • Keep your unused or clothes that are not useful at the current time in sealed places so that silverfish do not get attracted to them. 

Why Choose The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh?

By using herbal and organic material, The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh eliminates all silverfish. Our professionals are friendly and deliver reliable service. You will find our services under your budget. We have experienced hands with us that deliver same day service in an emergency. You will get peace of mind by hiring our silverfish terminators. By providing the utmost care to your pets and kids, we complete our task. You will receive the right service on our first visit. You can give us a call on +919780900903 to hire our skilled professionals.

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