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Are you looking for termite control services in Chandigarh and Punjab? If yes, then you can contact The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh.

We all know how tormenting it is when we have a termite infestation in our home. Termites feed on a wooden material, cloth, paper, and anything made of cellulose. Termites slowly and swiftly do the damage, and you will not be able to know about it if you do not pay proper attention. Termites eat the subfloors and slowly weaken the structure. Most of the homeowners do not realize that when this small pest ruins the whole property. Termites are a group of small insects that live in colonies.

But do not worry when The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh is here. We are an expert in providing reliable and efficient termite and pest control services. Our professionals reach your home within a span of a few hours only. We have an experienced hand in this field; thus, you will get complete peace of mind by hiring our termite exterminators. We offer both residential and commercial termite control services. They can infest almost every corner of your home. We have the right manpower and resources that are effective in delivering the best service. You will find our services budget-friendly.

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Pre-Construction and Post Construction Anti –Termite Treatment

Before building a house on your land, you should get it inspected properly. It helps in knowing that you do not have to share your property with anyone else. Either you have a residential or commercial place, you should have it inspected properly. Termites attack in large numbers that affect your property very badly. The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh provides the pre-inspection of the property and land.

Along with pre-inspection, we also provide post-construction termite control services. Our professionals carefully inspect the building and provide a complete report of the inspected area. We inspect every possible corner of the house so that our customers get to know the actual condition of termite infestation in their home. We use the best products and techniques to eliminate the termites from your location.

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Types of Termites

Termite Control

Drywood Termites

Such types of termites are attracted to everything that is made up of wood. Drywood termites do not contact soil for survival and remain away from high moisture content. You will mostly find dry wood termites in the long-lasting wooden material and also that decay fastly. They make a nest in them by digging and result in long term damage. These types of termites are equal to rice grains in size.

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Dampwood termites

These termites require moisture for survival. Thus they infest only on high moisture content. Dampwood termites mostly feed on decaying wood. The length of such termites lies between 20 and 25 mm. The unique fact about these termites is that they block their entry points with the faeces. They do not build a mud wall or tube. Thus you will find it difficult to locate them. They are brown in color.

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Formosan termites

The Formosan termites cause the greatest damage to the building and property as compared to other termites. The colonies of such termites are large and build mud tubes on walls. Formosan termites are aggressive in nature. They chew the wooden structures, floor and other parts of the house. They are pale and brownish-yellow, and their length is 14 and 15 mm. You will see it in long, narrow and oval shape.

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Subterranean termites

These termites live underground in large colonies and brown or black in colour. The length of these termites is 1/8 inch long. Their pair of wings are equal in size. Subterranean termites eat books, cotton clothes and other objects that contain cellulose. They do not like to come in the open air because it affects their survival. You can guess the presence of such termites with trails of mud tubes.

How will you know if your house has been infected with termites?

If you have termites in your residential and commercial place, then you will notice some of the points. And these points are:

  • Mud tubes on the wall: Termites make mud tubes on walls with dirt and debris to travel to and fro to the destination, meaning food source. The mud tubes are pencil-sized and mostly seen near the food sources like a tree or shed. This mud tunnel provides them with the right environment where they can survive easily.
  • Papery or hollow sounding timber: When termites start their work, then you will get papery or hollow sound from the wooden materials. It happens because termites chew cellulose from the wood and leaves behind the long grooves.
  • Termite droppings: Termites leave behind the brown-coloured and grainy faecal mounds after consuming wood. You will mostly find these droppings near the infested place.
  • Damage in Garden: If there is a termite infestation in your garden, you will see some changes in your garden plants. The branches of the trees also start to fall when the condition becomes serious.
  • Discarded wings: You will find the discarded wings at the places that are most prone to the termite infestation. The termites discard their wings on windowsills and floors. If you find disembodied wings in your home, then it is the sign that termites are living in your home.


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The Proactive Pest Control is the premier service provider in the field of pest control. We provide highly effective pest control services such as termite control, mosquito control, ant control, silverfish control, rat control, bed bug control, etc. We provide fast and efficient pest control Chandigarh services. Our professionals offer pest control services professionally at a very reasonable cost. The Proactive Pest Control delivers the most effective solution for particular circumstances. We cover all corners of Chandigarh and Punjab. You can check out some of the areas where you can avail of our services.


Effective Prevention Tips for Termites

Be following some effective prevention tips: you can stop the infestation of termites. You should try to coat the wooden surfaces with paint to stop termites from eating the wooden material. If you find any holes in the wooden surfaces, then fill them so that termites do not enter the wooden surface’s interior. You should remove the lumber or stumps that are dumped near your home. It will be better for you if you dispose of the items that are already infested with termites. Check out leakage and drainage issues and fix them as soon as possible. Make use of the wood that is already treated with the pressure and has resistance against fungi or water. Ensure the proper ventilation of your home so that rooms remain dry and termite infestation reduces.

You can follow these proven techniques to control the infestation of termites. But if the situation becomes worse, then you should take help from professionals. The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh provides same-day termite control services under your budget. All our professionals are well trained and have the latest techniques and tools to control the termites.

Methods of Termite Control

There are some common methods by which termites are controlled. Various types of barriers and construction practices effectively control the spread of termites in your home.

  • Liquid termiticide treatments

It is the most common method used for controlling termites. The specific insecticides are developed for controlling the termites. By mixing the insecticides in water, it is immediately applied to a building’s foundation by drilling in soil. The treated soil then prevents the termites from developing the tunnel. This practice is effective for 8 to 12 years or longer. The liquid termiticides are also used for pre and post-construction termite control.  

  • Foam termiticide treatments

The special foaming agents are diluted in water and applied to the infected place. The consistency should be like shaving cream. These are directly injected in the wall voids and other voids where termites have made their home. It is easy to treat termites, where liquid termiticides are not feasible. The foam material breaks down and residue on the inner surfaces of the treated void.

  • Fumigation

In fumigation, the termite infested area is treated with the gas-proof enclosure. The sulfuryl fluoride gas (Vikane or Termafume) is exposed in that enclosure. It is somehow costly and requires proper specialization in executing this process. The furniture that is infected with termites is placed inside the fumigation chamber to eliminate the presence of termites. 

  • Termite Baits

If you don’t want to inject insecticides in the infected area, you can use termite baits. These are directly kept in the infected places or outside of the building where you see termites. The termites feed on it and die after eating it. The termite baits consist of the cellulose material that attracts termites toward them and affects the normal growth process in termites. It is an effective and long-lasting solution against termites.

Why Customer Hire the Professionals of The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh

The Proactive Pest Control Chandigarh is the well-known name in the field of the termite control service. We have skilled and experienced professionals that offer same-day termite control Chandigarh service. Our professional uses eco-friendly chemicals for controlling termites. We maintain the balance of our nature while controlling termite infestation. Along with the best service, our termite exterminators also consider proper care of your kids and pets while delivering our service. All our services are budget-friendly. Our termite control experts deliver quality service on the first visit. We cover a large area of Chandigarh and Punjab.

Our professionals provide long term relief from termite infestation. You will get customized services for your residential and commercial places. We cover every corner of your home so that complete eradication of termite should be done. You can give us a call on +919780900903 to book our professionals or know about the services that you can enjoy from us.

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